Master lash artist & Instructor

Meet Shalaia

From the time I discovered this new service I was intrigued, they just looked so natural and far from the methods I had been used to seeing in the past such as cluster lashes and lash strips. I started getting eyelash extensions done on myself starting in 2015 and always received compliments on how beautiful and natural they were, most people even thought they were my own.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016 I was getting my biweekly lash service done when my lash tech suggested that I learn the trade. It was never something that I had considered although I wasn’t a stranger to the beauty industry; I had went to cosmetology school straight out of high school in 2007. The beauty industry was always exciting to me, I grew up in the hair salon, my grandmother, uncle a few aunts and cousins were all beauticians an my mother kept a standing hair and nail appointment where I would accompany her and just watch as the woman were transformed. As much as I felt connected to beauty, fear took over and I didn’t end up living out my dream as a salon owner. Instead, I went to college to study business marketing and while in school ended up working as a CNA. After many years in the heathcare industry I decided that my calling was to become a nurse. I found myself always going above and beyond for patients and would always be told how kind and compassionate I was.

Fast forward to that time in 2016 at my lash appointment I was talking to my tech about how difficult it was for me working two jobs as a single mom and studying as a nursing student. I was trying to save up for clinical semester so that I can take off of work an train in the hospital. That appointment changed my life. It was suggested to me that I train to become a lash tech so that I could have flexible hours an earn income on my terms. I had seen my lash tech go from Working as a salon assistant while going to dental school and slowly as she built up clients as a lash artist she quit her job an dropped out of the dental program. So lets just say her testimony made me a believer so I went for it! I trained, got good, started to build a client base and in less than 6 months I quit my main job and by month 8 I resigned from my second job an withdrew from nursing school. It was scary but after letting fear stop me from my dreams in the past I finally decided to push through and create the life I truly imagined for myself; a life of freedom!

 A lot of my clients who were with me from the very beginning seen how my life transformed and would always ask me to teach them! As a humble woman I just didn’t feel like I was good enough to teach anyone else so I would decline and point them in the direction of other companies for their training. After being encouraged for so many months I had finally decided to work on a lash manual. It took me 3 month to draft 50 pages of material some pages of information were things I had to learn from trial and error. At the end of me finishing the product I was pregnant with my second child more fearless and more ready than ever I launched Blinkfly academy. My first class in October of 2018 sold out in just 2days and was a success!

 I cannot express enough how rewarding it has been sharing a space with so many inspiring woman and helping someone gain the same independence that this industry has provided me. One thing that I always tell my girls is that you truly get what you put in! You have to be fearless, promote your work and push through the moments when you wanna give up. It is all up to you! You can be taught the game but the hustle is sold separate. If I could do it you most certainly can to! This industry is growing and evolving everyday and I truly believe it is a service that is here to stay! Hair, Nails...eyelashes!