BlinkFly Natural Set

I woke up

like this.

Natural or dramatic, achieve

beautiful semi permanent lashes that last 2-4 weeks

Eyelash extensions are a great alternative to mascara, lash strips and the clumpy cluster lashes of the past. Enhance the look of your natural lashes and save time in your daily routine. Eyelash extensions are hassle-free and waterpoof!

Meet Shalaia

Master lash artist & Instructor

From the time I discovered this new service I was intrigued, they just looked so natural and far from the methods I had been used to seeing in the past such as cluster lashes and lash strips. I started getting eyelash extensions done on myself starting in 2015 and always received compliments on how beautiful and natural they were, most people even thought they were my own.

_Materials for eyelash extension on a wh
_Materials for eyelash extension on a wh

Services & Classes

Need an eyelash cleanser for your lashes?


Helps remove sebum, dust and makeup residue on eyelashes. Increases retention of the eyelash extension.